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Spectrum Valley is an interactive experience that is part-exploration game and part music visualizer. Take control of a boy or girl character and run and jump around in several biomes, collecting coins or food bonuses as the world moves and reacts dynamically to an audio file on your system; affecting the ground beneath your feet, some objects, and even the weather.

Disclaimer: This game contains wobbly visuals that might cause motion sickness in some people, though there are two in-game options (see below) that can be adjusted to reduce the movements.


  • Environments: Explore 6 different biome environments, including a grassland, a forest, a cave, a snowy mountain, a desert, and even a village.
  • Chilled-Out Exploration: There are no enemies nor monsters to fight against, and no health nor Game Overs to worry about either.
  • Basic Customisation: Change between a boy or girl character, both with a fully customisable palette.
  • Adjustable Experience: Want less ground movement? Or a roller-coaster ride? Adjust the intensity in the options menu. You can also disable the background from moving up and down according to the terrain movements.
  • Quick Start: Spectrum Valley supports loading files directly via command-line; either by right-clicking on an audio file and selecting to 'Open With' this game, or by dragging an audio file onto the game application, and the game will boot with the file directly playing.
    (Note: This will skip the disclaimer screen that would appear when opening the game normally).

Supported Audio Formats

(Ogg Vorbis)


The game uses the arrow keys or WASD for movement, and also supports most gamepads. See Readme.txt file for full details.


A full list of credits and assets used can be found in the Readme.txt file.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tags2D, bounce, Exploration, Music, Non violent, Procedural Generation, Visualization, wave
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


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every time i press space to start it opens the files lol and i cant fix it 

Might need to be a bit more specific? Are you talking about the open file window when you hit ‘Start’ on the title screen? If so, you need to select any audio file to actually begin. If you cancel it you’ll stay on the title screen.

Or, if you’re hitting ‘Start’ on the title screen and it’s loading something without the open file window then that’s definitely not supposed to happen.

Last thing I can think of that is happening is that Spectrum Valley is being loaded with something appended on the command-line, which boots the game in Quick Start mode; but in that case it will skip both the disclaimer and title screen without having to press space.


This was a cool experience. I honestly didn't know what to expect, but I'm glad I found Spectrum Valley. When I find some fun tracks, definitely popping it into Spectrum Valley for some bouncy fun haha. 

Thanks for the review!


it's a very amazing concept for literally playing with your sound :>

but in all seriousness, i feel like this could be a sweet thing to be integrated for streaming,  perhaps as an twitch extension sorta deal one day. would be fun to see people pick songs or use alerts on it.

heck, maybe an  open source  version so people can replace assets to make each experience feel more amazing (and put some load off your back ofc) 

other than that, perhaps an autorun
Or a Random options button for the bounce intensity :3


While I'd love to see extra abilities added to it, Spectrum Valley has an oddly hypnotic vibe to it that keeps me just running around, watching the world bounce. Had a lot of fun just experimenting with different songs.

Good job, dev.

That was a fun review! Thank you for playing!


And thank you for making it. Still having fun bouncing around.


is a fun game, pretty good


I put the vine boom in and it was great having a vine boom and then everything bounces

Would be very cool if there was an ability to download the game for linux


this is a very fun game :D

Thank you!

Coloquei giorno theme. very biurifull


( ͡° ͜ ʖ  ͡°)



Super bouncy track!! I hope you enjoyed playing!

(1 edit)

Pretty fun little game.
Nice idea but unfortunately not the best implementation. My main issues with the game - you don't feel the music most of the time and all songs give almost the same effect to the game-world.
Let's look at a game "Audiosurf" for example. It is too generating waves on the floor matching the rhythm, but because your character is basically glued to the surface and can only move to left and right (just as if you could only move up and down in Spectrum Valley but not left and rightyou "feel" every little wave too. 
But in this game everything is chaotic and it was impossible for me to locate a sound indication on the screen with one exception - trees. Trees doing a fairly good job showing me the beat. But the ground sadly isn't. Every song making the game-world just shake randomly and it's hard to associate what I seeing with what I hearing.

But I can't say it's a bad game. My complaints are only valid if you wanted to make this game a guitar-hero-type game, but if not it's cool since it looks like a dope pet project, maybe I want too much from a 3MB game xD

Thanks for the feedback! I mainly intended to make this game as a little fun way to interact with your music library instead of being outright rhythm based. I’ll see what I might do with the ground’s movement when I get around to updating the game; I might make the waves speed up briefly when a beat hits?

Nice idea!

Heya! I’ve released a new version of the game that now incorporates a new rippling effect to the terrain on certain beats.

Tell me what you think!


Well, what can I say, it was a great idea to add this effect! The game became significantly more fun to play when my character jumps following beats. It even adds some depth to gameplay since now I can just wait for the beat to launch me into coins instead of using the jump button. Nice one!

Wonderful to hear that! Thank you!


This is an oddly strange but incredibly interesting idea. I would be interested to see how others (or yourself) will expand on the idea.

Thanks for the feedback!


looks cool it gives off a stardew valley vibe and is cool

Cool! Thank you!

no problem

Love the concept, this is super cool!
Unfortunately some of my ogg files were silent (opus format)

(1 edit)

Hmm, it might be because FMOD only supports the vorbis format for ogg files, I think? I’ll look into it further.

EDIT: No, it doesn’t seem like Ogg Opus is supported with FMOD. Looking on Wikipedia, the supported formats only list Ogg Vorbis. Sorry about that!


This is weird but really fun !!

Thank you!


Esta genial! ❤