Ver. - Minor improvements

Hey everyone! One more patch to bring things up to speed, mostly with small menu improvements and a slight adjustment to player movement.

Changelog - Ver.

  • The falling threshold before the player character braces upon landing has been increased as long as they’ve jumped or dropped down from the background plane manually. The old falling threshold is still used if the character is tossed about by the ground moving. This was done to lessen interruptions to player movement should they jump down a steep hill while the world is mostly stable.
  • In the character customisation menu, the option for selecting the current body part for palette editing now ‘loops around’ instead of stopping at the min/maximum body part selection.
  • Added a colour dot visual for the currently selected body part.
  • When randomizing the skin colour palette only, the same tone should no longer be repeated multiple times in a row. This does not apply if the option is held to randomize the entire character palette, however.
  • Adjusted the coin/food collected display on the pause menu.
  • The mouse cursor is now always hidden when in fullscreen.
  • Splash screens during quick start are now slightly quicker.

Since I didn’t post the patch notes for Ver. yet, I’ll put them down here too.

Changelog - Ver.

  • Improved palette bars in the character customisation menu; as you adjust a colour, the other two colour bars will adapt accordingly, just like colour selecting in most modern image editors.
  • Slightly increased the spawning frequency of the rock decorations in the desert biome.


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Nov 08, 2021

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